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How to repair your Media Composer 3.0 software pricing forMedia Composer


AVID Xpress & Media Composer pricing

notes: We recently completed a full Media Composer 3.0 (upgrade) system for a college. In addition to upgrading the Media Composer software from to 3.0, it is necessary to upgrade the third-party plug-ins as well, which is an additional expense that you need to budget for (around $500).

Installation of 3.0 is very complex, including making a lot of modifications to Windows XP, and is definitely not for the weak-hearted. as the expression goes, "Do not attempt this at home."  Of course, when you order a system from VideoEditSystems, all of the installation & set-up is done for you by our engineers before the system leaves the door; and our RED DISK restore kit insures that any re-installation and set-up of your software is fully automated and as easy as popping in a DVD and going away for an hour.

Media Composer 3.0 officially did not support the older standard MOJO, older Avid RAID, nor the Digidesign control surface -- but we were able to make this hardware work together on our VES/Delta 1000 series 2 system. The Tech Support folks at Avid were surprised, yet pleased, that we were able to overcome the obstacles and achieve this level of success!

It took a lot of engineering and some redesign of our initial system, but those changes are now incorporated as standard on all of our machines.

Item#   Description   Price
VES-300   AVID Media Composer software for PC and Mac   $2495.00
VES-301   AVID Upgrade from Xpress Pro to Media Composer   $495.00
VES-400   AVID Xpress Pro software includes Xpress Pro for PC and Mac; Sonic DVDit; Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite; SmartSound SonicFire Pro; Noise Industries Factory Tools   No longer available
VES-300-ACAD AVID Media Composer Academic software for PC and Mac   $295.00
VES-700   AVID Studio Toolkit for PC only   $1295.00
VES-701   AVID Studio Toolkit Upgrade from Studio Toolkit (vers 4.x, 5.0, 5.1,5.2) to Studio Toolkit v5.6   $299.00
VES-800   AVID Mojo-SDI Digital Nonlinear Accelerator (requires Xpress Pro v5.5 or higher)   $2495.00
VES-801   AVID Mojo (analog) Digital Nonlinear Accelerator   $1695.00
VES-802   AVID Component Video I/O Cable Kit includes two component I/O cables. Not required with Mojo SDI.   $75.00
VES-803   AVID PC deck control cable, RS232-RS422   $100.00
VES-804   AVID Blackburst Generator NTSC   $525.00
VES-807   AVID custom PC keyboard   $100.00
VES-809   Digidesign Command 8 Automated Mixing Control Surface for PC and Mac, 110v   $1295.00
VES-2000   AVID Assurance for Media Composer Software, one year   $995.00
VES-2001   extend your AVID Assurance for Media Composer Software with 24/7 support, requires VES-2000 basic Assurance plan   $1299.00
ACADEMIC   Inquire about special Academic Pricing 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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