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EeePC mini notebook
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EeePC 1000 mini notebook (aka netbook) solution

Sometimes all you need is a small notebook.

Not a high powered mobile computer like the VES/Delta 3000 deskbook, that can do video editing & creative suite projects, but just something small, lightweight, and simple for checking email, web browsing, note taking, and basic office tasks.

Then welcome to the new world of mini computers! Although to be honest, we think of them more as PDA's on steroids, rather than true mobile computing solutions (such as VES/Delta 3000's and other high performance laptops).

Unlike PDA's and smart-phones, these mini computers have a large, readable (10-inch) high resolution display and a human-hand sized keyboard. You can use the built-in touchpad, or add a small mouse.

They can go for several hours on one battery. They come with a hefty 40 GB solid state hard drive that is resistant to shock and vibration, which makes them ideal for use "on the go". They are still small enough and light enough to carry in a purse or small briefcase.

Why VideoEditSystems got into retail sales of the EeePC

VideoEditSystems' first foray into the world of mini notebooks came about when we were approached by a network news helicopter crew who needed a very compact PC to fit into a very small mounting area, and that the PC needed to be resistant to shock & vibration. The latest generation of these EeePC's met that basic requirement. It was small and lightweight, and utilized a 40 GB solid state drive. The display was a very readable 10-inches, with a nearly fullsize keyboard. The only caveat to this unit was that it came pre-installed with Linux (so the mfr could keep the prices down); but (for an additional fee) we could install Windows XP along with the network's proprietary support software onto the system instead.


For the average person on the go  (in other words, a non camera-chopper flight crew), our EeePC mini computer, pre-loaded with Linux and a slew of basic software applications such as Open Office, is all that you need for day to day commuting tasks.

The EeePC is more practical than a PDA or smart-phone.

The beauty of a 10" screen lies in the fact that you can showcase your work on a decent-sized screen. Have examples of your work online? Displaying your project to a client, producer, or studio executive on a 10" screen in true color and high resolution is a lot more impressive than straining to see it on the miniature display of a  smart-phone or standard PDA. The EeePC is considerably smaller than most laptops, yet still as easy to tote around.

Having a netbook sends a message of professionalism. A tiny phone or PDA are not truly effective at taking notes. With a full-keyboard at your fingertips, and complete, word processing programs (MS compatible OpenOffice), you can take notes and showcase presentations on the fly. A netbook in your hand broadcasts the message that you are ready, not only to present your work professionally, but also to receive feedback and to duly note it. It is far more professional than a "cute" cell phone or PDA, and far less cumbersome than a full-fledged laptop.

Advantages over full laptops

The EeePC 1000 is instantly good to go. With its long battery life of several hours, the EeePC 1000 can be left powered up and on standby, which means that it is always ready for you when you need it in a hurry. Compare that  to conventional laptops, which must be taken out of their case, set up, and powered up.

Unlike laptops, which reside in bulky, over the shoulder carrying cases, the EeePC 1000 is extremely totable. Its solid-state drive means that it isn't susceptible to jostling, vibration, nor even the occasional slight bump (oops). If you can manage a manila folder or small binder, you can schlep the EeePC 1000. It is lightweight and compact, yet nowhere near as delicate/fragile as the competing brand.




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