specializes in complete and ready-to-use VES/Delta series professional video editing systems running Avid Media Composer or Avid Liquid (Pinnacle) software, along with friendly User Training and Support. Because you are an artist, not an engineer!  are the U.S. Distributors and Customer Support for VES/Delta series workstations & laptops.

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Tour of Delta 1000


More features of Delta 1000

Let's continue our tour of the VES/Delta 1000 system.

  Beefy 850 watt modular SLI power supply. The new Graphics Cards take a lot of power so it is essential to have a High Performance Certified Power Supply. Our heavy duty power supply is almost double of what  competing systems offer. We're ready to take on the next generation of one terrabyte hard drives, our internal RAID, and adding a second graphics card. Modular, so you can replace it yourself if necessary (with a little Tech Support coaching, of course).



Multiple Hard Drives
Standard complement of drives is four of the latest design, quick removable SATA II hard drives that slide in or out as easy as a camera battery. Having four drives allows you to store all of your data separate from the system applications and maintain backup files. Provides 2 TB of capacity (500 GB "C" system drive, 500 GB "P" project data drive, 500+500 striped Media drives).

 The two 500 gig drives are configured as a striped array to function as a single Media storage drive of 1 TB. This striping also increases hard drive performance significantly for video editing. Note that our "500 GB video media drives" are the latest innovation from Seagate, engineered specifically to optimize video applications, and are different than conventional data drives.


Multi-card Reader for importing data from most popular memory cards. 3.5 inch Floppy drive. Professional grade DVD +/ R/RW, CD-R/RW dual layer burner.

Fully functioning Panasonic P2 reader and Sony XDCAM/SxS ready with a 32Bit Reader/Writer as standard.

Our system ships complete and includes Two Samsung 22-inch TFT-LCD digital/analog wide screen video display monitors.

The pair of digital 22-inch wide screen monitors can function as one, really big, editing desktop display. For instance, the timeline flows across the entire width of the two monitors. Your mouse travels from one screen to the other, as if it were one screen.Comes with special software for digitally balancing the viewing images between the two monitors.

One pair of fully balanced and shielded, high performance, Close Field, Edirol audio Monitor Speakers. Your choice of a custom button-coded keyboard for Avid or Liquid.

The high performance monitor speakers are befitting a broadcast grade edit bay.

Optional RAID-5 internal drive arrays (available in 2 TB or 3 TB arrays) will provide 1.5 to 2 TB  of PROTECTED media storage. RAID arrays can be ordered with a stack of 500 GB drives or 750 GB drives.

At any given time, any three of four RAID drives contain 100% of your data. Unlike other RAID systems, you do NOT have to wait for an email notification of a RAID drive failure. Your edit screen will alert you to the drive failure and indicate which drive is bad.

< denotes "failed" RAID drive 2   


    < denotes all RAID drives okay     

Simply replace the bad drive with a replacement, and the data will restore itself. The RAID is provided as a Kit which is User Retrofitable, (most of the hardware comes pre-installed in the Delta) or it can be ordered at the time of initial purchase and installed by us.

The RAID kit includes not just four, but five drives. The 5th drive stores in the array, but is not wired in, and serves as a "spare tire" so that you do not have to wait for express delivery! Our RAID is designed for ease of maintenance so that the wiring harness is readily accessible from the user side panel.

Note that we ship the four main hard drives and the RAID drives separately from the main tower, in their own re-usable custom travel cases. Removing the drives prior to shipping or transit not only lessens the overall weight of the tower, but more importantly protects your crucially valuable drives and the data they hold.

If you edit on location, these cases make it easier to ship your computer while keeping your precious hard drives safer and more secure.

Click here to read about even more features of the VES/Delta 1000.

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