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The RED DISK: instant Tech Support
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Just what is the RED DISKtm ?

We have nicknamed our "Recovery Emergency Disk" the RED Disktm (for obvious reasons), but what it represents is truly extraordinary in the world of computing.

At first glance, it is merely a data DVD encrypted with copies of all of your (factory installed) software applications, such as Windows, Disk Keeper, Avid, etc. Essentially an exact backup copy of your System Drive C.

In the event of a system slowdown; or signs of software corruption, infestation, or conflicts... just pop in the DVD, go off and get a cup of coffee, and approximately 45 minutes later you will have a factory perfect, newly installed, System Drive C. All of your (factory installed) programs will have been precisely re-installed, configured, authorized & validated.

All of your editing data will still be intact, providing that you followed our prescribed routine (our factory installed defaults) of storing everything on other drives, such as the Project drive, Media drives, RAID, or networked storage. Except for updating your virus definitions (and maybe a recent Windows service pack), everything is good to go.

It is like sitting down again in front of your brand new computer system, completely configured, and running at peak performance. No old files, missing drivers, fragmented data, nor other software related aches & pains from "normal" usage! And, even better, is that you can be this happy anytime that you want... as often as you want.

The RED Disk is complete and automatic. You do not have to load your software from their original packages or disks. Everything is contained within the RED Disk kit.

Since each RED Disk kit is custom created for each VES/Delta workstation, all of the specific serial numbers, product codes, and authorizations are already part of the installation routine embedded within our software. You cannot deploy a RED Disk on any workstation other than the specific unit for which it was encoded.

But it is more than a backup snapshot or image of your System drive. It is actually a backup of the installation process.

The RED Disk is a layered and sequential installation & customized configuration of the software applications to your hard drive. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, software has to be installed in the proper order. Programs look at what has been installed prior, and may either utilize, modify, or replace existing files and configurations.

One of our staffers, Vince, has come up with a good analogy to describe the difference between a RED DISK imaging of the hard drive versus a conventional restore image. Many off-the-shelf products restore a "snapshot" of the system drive (think of a jpeg photo). The RED DISK image is more like a PhotoshopTM file that maintains all of the layering and channel data rather than just a flattened image.

Getting the installation sequence wrong may result in performance issues or even software conflicts! has spent thousands of man-hours coming up with the ultimate "recipe" for hardware and software integration. We have figured out what software to install in what order, what drivers to use and when to install them, what updates to include and which ones we were better off without, and what little or major "tweaks" will make everything run better! The RED Disk is your working version of that recipe. It allows you, the end user, to replicate this perfect installation every time, any time, that you need to (or just want to).

Like the commercials would say, "The cost of having Tech Support rush out and re-install your System Drive, several hundred dollars. Never having to worry about needing them, PRICELESS."

Because the RED Disk is a DVD, it is truly read-only. That means that your restore package cannot be accidentally erased, modified, nor infected. If you were to utilize a conventional backup image stored on a partition, or even a separate hard drive -- the moment that you connect it to an infected system, there is the potential for whatever intruder has messed up your system to migrate to your backup source. As if simply setting the attributes of your backup to "read only" is going to stop a sophisticated virus or spyware.

The only thing that could happen to your RED Disk is that you scratch it badly or lose it. Since we keep a record of the installation at our factory, we can always send you out another copy.

Which brings up a couple more points that make our RED DISK system unique and superior to "doing it yourself".

The factory image of (your) hard drive that we create is done in our facility as an original manufacturer's build. We plug in the serial numbers and other codes, but we do not need to take your physical hard drive online to the Internet. That means that your software is up and running WITHOUT being exposed to the nasties out there. We check the system for problems, conflicts, and performance -- and store "your drive" on our server. We then create the RED DISK, which is the image of a perfect drive; and actually produce your finished drive from that data. We think of that stage as the final test of your custom RED DISK.

Later on, because we store a version of your RED DISK in our server, we can produce a replacement RED DISK DVD for you should the need arise.

More importantly, though, is that Technical Support has the ability to replicate your drive onto one of their workstations in order to troubleshoot an issue.

So the question that always arises is: "Can I make my own restore image?" Yes, some of the programs out there are pretty decent. But understand that a simple restore image and a RED DISK are still a ways apart from each other.

If you make your own image, what is it an image of?

A perfectly installed & configured drive, or a drive that may not be at peak performance?

A drive with software that has to be re-activated, or does it include all of the validations?

Is the restore image "secure" (physically read only, such as a DVD) or can it accommodate a smart virus programmed to circumvent the read only software attribute of a hard drive or partition?

Is your image traceable back to the factory or Tech Support in case they need to replicate your system?

Is your restore process a simple and easy one, or does it require a fair amount of technical savvy? What experience level does your typical end user have to master in order to accomplish a complete restore on their own, at any time of day or night?

At, we believe that what makes a great editing system is the complete "recipe". Any single feature of our machines can be imitated or matched, if someone is smart enough and patient enough, and enjoys tedious problem solving.

Or, you can just sit down in front of one of our systems and EDIT, armed with total confidence that your system software cannot let you down because you have the RED DISK.

Disclaimer: the RED DISK process only covers software that was installed on your system by our engineers. Any programs or data that you added subsequently would have to be manually re-installed by the end user. Never store your data nor documents on the system C drive, as all material on the C drive are deleted by the RED DISK process. Project data, media, and other files maintained on any of the other drives are not affected by the RED DISK.

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