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new VES/Delta 3000 Laptop
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Specs & Accessories for VES/Delta 3000
Software Bundles for VES/Delta 3000

VES/Delta 3000 Professional Deskbook (laptop) is proud to announce our latest product, the VES/Delta 3000 series Professional Deskbook.

The term "deskbook" is computer industry jargon for an "extreme" laptop that offers high performance comparable to most desktops.

And that's what we have done! The VES/Delta 3000 is THE high tech portable computing solution for professionals, filmmakers, and gamers.

The VES/Delta 3000 is the perfect integration of hardware & software, featuring customized installation/configurationÖ the perfect recipe for extraordinary performance and reliability.

VES/Delta 3000 is an extremely powerful worktool for the professional who needs more from a portable computer than just the ability to check email.

On the road, the VES/Delta 3000 is traveler friendly: sleek, lightweight, and professionally attractive,  but packs the punch of a workstation! Whether it be conventional office tasks, advanced graphics, video... you have the speed and power of a full-size computer.

Back at the homestead, three quick connections gets you hooked up to the optional docking station that transforms your portable into a professional workstation. Use a standard keyboard, mouse, and even enjoy the convenience of spanning across two wide-screen monitors!

 The VES/Delta 3000 is leagues above the best executive grade laptops that sell for thousands of dollars more.

Key Features of the VES/Delta 3000:

 15.5"  Video Display for pro graphics/video Just the right size. Not too small, yet not unwieldy to tote under your arm or prop up on a small work tray. A full 13 inches horizontally across, which is the same as a typical 17" (4:3) desk monitor.

Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 gigahertz Processor This a true "desktop" processor; hence our computer comes under the industry classification of Deskbook. Toggle select from four operating modes: normal (2.4 gigahertz), battery saver, Gamer (approx 2.66 gigahertz), and Overclock/Extreme (approx 2.93 gigahertz). Comes loaded with 3GB DDR2 RAM

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2c This is the latest version of XP Pro, which (as we all know) is the preferred operating system at this time.

Faster SATA 7200 RPM internal hard drive, large capacity 200 GB Typical notebook drives are slower 5400 RPM, but we have chosen 7200 RPM for superior multimedia performance. Add our optional external hard drive enclosure with e-SATA high speed connection for 750GB of media storage, archiving, as well as for deploying to other computers, such as the VES/Delta 1000 workstation.

nVidia GeForce 8600M GT (w. 512 DDR2 RAM) graphics processor with custom chipset Nothing less for video and professional graphics applications. This is the best graphics processor available that is made for our motherboard. Do not be misled by "higher" mfr model numbers: the numerals & letters are also used to differentiate dimensional differences for various brands of laptops; not performance hierarchy.

RED DISK Advanced system software restore (re-install) Your computer ships with software custom installed & configured, ready for use. And should (when) your software becomes corrupted or infected, simply run the RED DISK DVD to restore/re-install your software to its perfect state.

click here to learn more about the RED DISK.

2.0 megapixel webcam with Skype Tilt the camera, not the monitor screen. Video conference around the world with Skype (included).

Intel WiFi and Bluetooth wireless  You can use Bluetooth accessories, such as mouse, keyboard, headset. On-board standard phone modem and gigE network connection.

Fingerprint scanner Better security than password protection!

Advanced multimedia capabilities Surround sound audio. HDTV output. TV receiver, with programmable TV RECORDING.

Advanced rear fan cooling Up to four quiet exhaust fans direct heat away and vent from the rear of the computer, not underneath it. Advanced circuitry protects against accidental overheating.

More good stuff: DVD R/W (optional Blue Ray coming soon); multi-card reader; VGA, HDMI, and S-video outputs; headset output; ext. mic input; two built-in mics; e-SATA, IEEE 1394 and (3) USB 2.0 ports. Includes universal AC power adapter and soft carrying case. Weighs under 7 pounds incl. battery. Measures 14.5 by 10.5 by 1.75 inches.

So what's the downside? The 3000 gets around 100 minutes per battery, which may not seem like a long time, but these computers are designed for maximum performance, not minimal coasting! Let's face it, a race car uses more gas than a golfcart! Good news is that batteries are inexpensive (sixty bucks), lightweight, and conveniently snap in/out of  the underside like a camcorder battery.

Although some laptops may appear visually similar at casual glance, the VES/Delta 3000 is an exclusive product of

Our unique computer system features specially selected hardware, drivers, configurations, & advanced software integration not available from any other source. The VES/Delta 3000 derives from a unique "recipe" of components & drivers, painstakingly researched & tested for high performance and exceptional reliability. Our own experts have invested hundreds of man-hours to achieve this extraordinary balance of electronics and functionality.

It is easy to assemble a bunch of parts into a chassis.... but it is quite an accomplishment to enable them to work together in harmony with some of the world's most complex professional applications!

The VES/Delta 3000 Work Suite Kit converts the Delta 3000 Mobile Notebook into a full featured workstation solution. The kit allows you to work with the more convenient two Monitor Display as shown above.

The Work Suite comes with everything you need to transform your Mobile Solution into a Desktop solution.

The Kit contains:

  • Delta 3000 Docking Station
  • Two  22" widescreen digital TFT Monitors
  • 1 Pair of Edirol Close Field Audio Monitor Speakers (with Headphone Output)
  • Avid/Pinnacle Liquid Keyboard
  • Microsoft Optical Mouse
  • Delta 3000 Power Supply
  • All Cables
  • Software Setup

The idea behind the Delta 3000 Work Suite Kit is to allow operability and compatibility with its big brother, the Delta 1000 Workstation Editing Suite.

As this solution offers two GigE Network connections, we are able to connect up one GigE port to what we call the "Edit Net" which would allow connection to other Delta Editing Stations like the Delta 1000 or other Delta 3000ís. The other GigE can be connected to the Internet and can be easily disabled as required.

You should still use your Delta1000 Workstation for ingest and output but you have the convenience of a Mobile Solution which can act as (a limited) Edit Bay back at your Post Production facility.




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