specializes in complete and ready-to-use VES/Delta series professional video editing systems running Avid Media Composer or Avid Liquid (Pinnacle) software, along with friendly User Training and Support. Because you are an artist, not an engineer!  are the U.S. Distributors and Customer Support for VES/Delta series workstations & laptops.

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new VES/Delta 1000 Workstation for AVID & Liquid
new VES/Delta 1000 Workstation for AVID & Liquid The RED DISK: instant Tech Support new VES/Delta 3000 Laptop Editing Workflow


CPU of Delta 1000
Why we built the VES/Delta 1000 for AVID & Liquid
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Specs & Accessories for Delta 1000
VES/Delta vs HP8400
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VES/Delta 1000 Editing Workstation
for Avid Liquid
and Avid Media Composer


Complete, fully installed & configured
editing solutions for Avid Media Composer 3.0,  and Avid Liquid.

Featuring the VES/Delta 1000 advanced,
integrated, and certified PC workstations.

These are not modified "office" computers; the VES/Delta was designed from the ground up specifically for editing! Lightening fast. Powerful. Reliable. Work-flow friendly.

Featuring our revolutionary "RED DISK" recovery DVD that returns your system drive to its "perfect" state with all software fully re-installed, configured, and authorized... without loss of editing data! Amazing, a "self-repairing" broadcast grade editing system!

Click HERE for a printer friendly PDF brochure about the VES/Delta 1000.

Breaking News.... has just  unveiled our latest generation of editing workstations, the VES/Delta 1000 (series 2) machines. Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, our mad scientists have gone ahead and integrated new technology (only just announced in early 2008) to come up with an editing solution even faster and more powerful than our renowned first gen.

Featuring Intel quad core processor, a  mightier nVidia graphics processor with the latest custom chipset, latest design motherboard, larger "C" and "P" hard drives, faster "video" storage drives, on-board hardware diagnostics display, and a host of other improvements. Fully functioning P2 card reader and XDCAM-ready. Ships standard with 2TB of basic drive capacity (four 500 GB drives); with an additional 3TB of (optional) internal RAID-5 storage.

Currently in development are also a rackmountable version of the VES/Delta 1000; and an eight-core VES/Delta 2000 series. We also offer reliable & affordable central storage solutions (SAN).

Our original system was so fast that it was scary; our new version is outright unworldly. Don't blink or you will miss the rendering light!

We are also introducing at NAB the VES/Delta 3000 Professional Deskbook. (a deskbook is defined as a laptop with all of the computing power of a desktop; look it up). Our deskbook features an Intel Core2 Duo "desktop" processor with selectable clocking speeds of 2.4 up to 2.9. 7200 RPM hard drives. Nvidia top of the line graphics processor. Totable 15.4 inch WSXGA+ display. Tiltable 2.0 megapixel webcam. WiFi & Bluetooth. Rear fans. RED DISK, of course. Fingerprint scanner. And lots more....

A ready-to-use editing solution made for ARTISTS, not engineers!

If you have ever dreamed about moving up to AVID or AVID Liquid professional editing, then learn about our new VES/Delta series advanced PC workstation that takes the guesswork out of buying an editing system.

Our systems ship complete: all System and Editing software installed & configured. All of your peripherals such as dual 22-inch widescreen monitors, professional speakers, custom keyboard, mouse are included!

We designed these from the chassis up to do just one thing in life... optimize the power of Avid or Avid Liquid software.

The VES/Delta is more than just a computer; it is a complete workflow solution that can grow as your business evolves.

Start off with a single workstation, and then add more systems as your workflow and business expands. Lease (to own) a complete editing solution for around $300-ish per month!

Our engineers are not just computer guys, they understand the lifestyle of video editing, and have created the ultimate system: fast, powerful, reliable, broadcast quality, and user friendly. We build them to be as "bullet-proof" as possible for the real world, with advanced features to help you survive "Murphy’s Law".

Eventually any hard drive may fail, but we've got you covered so your career won’t.

Without a doubt, the most exciting innovation on the VES/Delta 1000 series of professional workstations is our unique "Recovery Emergency Disktm" (aka the RED disk) for restoring all of your system and editing applications in the event of file corruption or failure on drive C.

Gets you up and running in under one hour, without having to re-configure or re-authorize your stuff. No need to call Tech Support.

93% of computer issues (excluding the people factor) can be traced to problems developing on the System Drive ("C"). Now whether these slowdowns or errors are caused by human or mechanical glitch; from a downloaded virus; or just accidental over-writing or deletion of key files & settings... who cares! Stuff happens, no matter how careful we are all. The important thing to an Editor is to get the system up and running again as quickly as possible, and without any loss of editing data. As long as you follow the practice of storing (and backing up) your documents, project data, and media files onto their appropriate drives, it is a simple matter of wiping a bad Drive C completely clean and restoring it from the RED DISK DVD (or completely replacing it) to our original factory installation (which we custom create for every client & workstation).

Purchasing an editing system should be like purchasing a car... you don’t go around investigating the specs and part numbers of every cable, spark plug, and sub-assembly. Instead, you shop for an appealing, well-built vehicle that has a good reputation for performance and overall reliability. You assume that the engineers who designed the vehicle have done their job and put together the right combination of parts to make the vehicle worthy of its exceptional reputation! Well, the same should hold true for an editing solution! An end-user should not have to figure out what combination of central processor, chipset, and graphics cards work best with Avid; nor what are the best hard drives to use; nor what monitors work best with the graphics card, etc. At, our team of engineers have done all the research, tested countless configurations, and solved the problems for you! Ours is a completely integrated and certified solution!

Non-linear video editing pushes the limits of current operating systems. To get video editing applications such as Avid to run just right, everything has to be exactly correct: processor, graphics, chipset, RAM, hard drives, data flow, even the order in which software is initially installed on the system. We like to refer to this as our "recipe". The VES/Delta workstation is the finely crafted blend of the best hardware and software.

Continue reading about the VES/Delta 1000...

click here to tour the heart of the VES/Delta 1000 edit solution

Ours is the first computer system developed by Film & Television people for Film & Television people. Video Editing is not an aftermarket for us; it is our only market.

Meet our "Partners in Development".

These companies are not just parts suppliers; they have worked with our engineering team in developing the perfect "recipe" for video editing... with acclaimed Avid software.


Professional Editing starts with the press of a button....

... or call us to learn more about this amazing workstation and editing solution! It has never been easier to move up to the world of Avid Media Composer and Avid Liquid.

Continue reading about the VES/Delta 1000...

click here to tour the heart of the VES/Delta 1000 edit solution


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