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BKSTS - Bernard Happe Event
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British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society

North American Branch

P.O. Box 7126

Burbank, CA 91510-7126, USA


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Dear Industry Colleague:

The North American Branch of “The Moving Image Society - BKSTS” held an exciting event on December 1, 2008.

But first if you’re not familiar with The Moving Image Society, here’s a little background.

We’re actually quite unique as an organization, we see our role as a melting pot for all that are involved in the “Moving Image Industry”, if it’s a moving Image, it’s us, from Cinema, Television, The Internet to Video Games.  Our members are diverse, Directors, Editors, Cinematographers, Sound Designers, Producers, Studio Management, Engineers, Game Developers, and the list goes on.  While we understand that there are many organizations that cater for vertical industry groups we think it important there to be a place where people having skills in different disciplines can meet and exchange ideas and develop new techniques. The lines are merging every day between different departments and our members in these budget conscious times often find they are wearing different hats on the same project.

We were formed in England in 1931 and now have members and branches around the world.  Part of our Mission Statement affirms “The Society exists to encourage, sustain, educate, train and represent all who are involved – creatively or technologically – in the business of providing moving images and their associated crafts and sciences, in any form and through any media”.

The Moving Image Society has a graded Membership scheme, which enables entry at any level of your profession.  As well as Full Membership for craft or technologically working professionals, we have an Associate Membership open to those with an interest in the industry and Student Membership for anyone who is engaged in full-time study with intent to progress to a career in the Moving Image Industry.

Our International Membership is continually growing and we have more US members joining by the day.  We now have two members here in the States who are on the governing council based at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom.

So back to the event, we carried live in HD 5.1 Surround Sound as a Digital Cinema Presentation the “Bernard Happé Lecture” from London (see more information on the event below).


FotoKem of Burbank, California generously hosted the event, and provided use of their state of the art viewing theatre, along with Engineering Staff & Refreshments.


Apart from the event being an extremely interesting topic covering the integration of Cinema, Television and Sound we achieved something  technologically challenging.

We carried the event live using SohoNet which is the first and largest High Bandwidth Connector for the Global Media and Entertainment Industries. This may have been the first live Digital Cinema Presentation from Europe to United States.

Technician from SohoNet oversees the trans-Atlantic data link that streamed the live HD video and 5.1 surround audio.


The event was covered as a Live Event from The British Film Institute (BFI) on the South Bank In London and sent to us via SohoNet to a Viewing Theater at FotoKem in Burbank, California.  Participants in Burbank had the opportunity to ask questions by return Audio to London.

We can be reached at


Best regards,

Nigel Hamley, MBKS    Fred Ginsburg, C.A.S., MBKS

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North American Council Members:

Nigel Hamley, MBKS  & Fred Ginsburg, MBKS


The Moving Image Society – BKSTS

North American Branch

P.O. Box 7126

Burbank, CA 91510-7126, USA

Phone (818) 838-4457 - Fax (818) 955-9037


Here is a reprint of the press release for the event.

The Annual Bernard Happé Lecture

Monday 1st December 2008


November 18th 2008




We are now only 2 weeks away from the most prestigious event in the Society's calendar for 2008 - the Bernard Happé Lecture. This will take place at the British Film Institute (BFI Southbank) in London, starting at 10:30am for 11:00am PST on the 1st December.  It will be transmitted live, in HD and 5.1 Surround, via Broadband SohoNet, for viewing at FotoKem in Burbank, California!

This year, we are very fortunate to have as our guest speaker, Hazel Wright. Hazel has worked in the television industry for many years mostly within the music and arts area.

She worked in production in the BBC on documentary, entertainment and religious programs as well as cultural titles until the early 1980s when she moved into the

commercial business of investment and distribution of cultural TV properties.
Hazel also worked with NVC Arts and IMG Artists in the distribution of music properties internationally until returning to the BBC to continue the job she had started previously namely the investment into and international distribution of BBC music and arts programs.
Hazel recently left the BBC to start her own Company - Hazel Wright Media and is currently working as a consultant with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the media distribution company that it owns - Opus Arte.

Using the technologies of HD Television and Digital Cinema, it is now possible to deliver live performances to cinemas all over the United Kingdom. Such presentations are becoming an important part of cinema programs, and a great deal of thought and care has gone into ensuring that cinema-goers experience the same performance as they would going to the Royal Opera House. Hazel will explain how this is done, with plenty of examples of the work done to date.

How to Attend

In order to allow the maximum number of people to "attend" this year's lecture, the entire event will be transmitted in HD, with surround sound, to Burbank CA, for screening in a major preview theatre. For more information about attending the Burbank event, please contact Fred Ginsburg or Nigel Hamley, at

We are hugely grateful to all the companies and organisations who are assisting with this, including Dolby, For-A, Pro-bel, Ravensbourne, SohoNet, FotoKem and of course, the BFI.

There's no charge to attend, but we have a very limited number of seats available at FotoKem for the live event, so it will be on a first to respond, RSVP basis. We are hoping to schedule a replay of the seminar later in the evening at FotoKem for those who could not attend the live broadcast. To RSVP for the live event, or to be added to the list for the replay screening, please contact us at


The Bernard Happé Lecture

For those of you unfamiliar with this, Bernard Happé was Technical Manager at Technicolor, and was responsible for many ground-breaking developments in motion picture processing technology, until his retirement in 1974.
As a consultant and technical writer he authored many books on film technology, particularly for Focal Press, including Your Film and the Lab, and Basic Motion Picture Technology. Bernard was co-editor of the Focal Encyclopaedia of Film and Television Technology, and Technical Editor of the monthly periodicals Screen Digest and Video and Film, and regularly contributed papers to international conferences.
Bernard was elected Fellow of the BKSTS in 1961, and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1962. He was a hard working member of the BKSTS Council for many years from 1969, and became Vice-president of the BKSTS from 1970 until 1972. In 1976 he received the Kalmus Gold Medal, the SMPTE award for outstanding contributions to color film technology. Bernard was President of the BKSTS from 1985 to 1986.

In 1991, the year after his death, the Society instituted an annual lecture in memory of him. Many outstanding experts from the industry have presented this lecture since then, and this year we have a speaker and topic that especially represent all the areas of interest for the Society - television, sound and cinema.

Please remember - book to attend!

Kind regards


Phil Rutter
Hon Treasurer & Secretary





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