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VES/Delta Progress Reports
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VES/Delta series Advanced Editing Systems Progress Reports

Progess Report (late Aug 2007) re: the VES/Delta 1000 computer system for AVID

We have just returned from the 61st Annual Conference of the University Film & Video Association in Denton, Texas which was hosted by our friends and colleagues of the University of North Texas (one of the country's top film/video schools, even though they keep a low profile). This tradeshow and educational conference marked the official world debut of the VES/Delta 1000 series workstation!

The response to our machine has been enthusiastic, if not ecstatic! Several universities already are discussing large purchases of systems, both stand-alone as well as networked.

The concept of the restorable "perfect drive" has impressed the techies like you can't imagine. About as student-proof as one can get! (Students will still manage to mess up the software, but at least it won't take an engineer to fix the computer; just pop in the restore kit!)

Several professors at the show came up to us and told us of their personal attempts to build their own workstations. Thousands of dollars, hundreds of frustrating hours, and systems that still crashed when faced with a complex editing sequence. We told them that we could certainly relate and sympathize, for our own engineers (and Nigel's team are some of the best in the world) have spent hundreds of hours solving lots of little hardware & software issues!

It ain't easy! For example, software has to be installed in layers and not all at once. Install stuff in the wrong order or sequence, and you will not like what the future may bring.

The software giants have special sites for developers and OEM's, where special drivers & patches are hidden from the general public. You have to know who to ask, and what to ask for.

The hardware manufacturers likewise have their own insider sources of information. New products. Software compatability. Recommended chipsets and modifications. Again, you have to know the right people to talk to!

For those do-it-your-self-ers with less patience, many folks go for the simple, off-the-shelf solution from one of the computer giants. Problem is, those machines are designed for home or business applications.... not video editing. Even if you change out a component or two, you are not going to transform those mass produced general workstations into an editing powerhouse.

It is easy to get almost any computer to boot up editing software (we load up Producer's puny laptops & desktops all the time so they can review works in progress), but it takes a whole lot more to output a completed timeline.

Update: early August 2007

It has taken us a whole lot longer than we planned; it seems like the last leg of the journey has been the hardest. From a hardware standpoint, there wasn't much remaining to do. But from a licensing perspective, the last few months were hell!

Getting the big boys of software (involving multitple software giants) to all agree to let us implement our "Perfect Drive" total restore kit was workable when it came to talking with the techies, but got bogged down once the "suits" and their legal eagles had to sign off on it.

Amongst other things, our engineers had to write tons of software code to make everything pirate-proof and corporate approved.

But the editing world is about to get its socks knocked off! Not only is our system lightening fast, but it will be the only workstation of its type that can be fully repaired/restored/re-installed/re-configured/re-authorized to its original, optimized editing state in just minutes... by the end-user. And without losing your project.

Even if you had your own team of Tech Support just down the hall, they could not re-set your computer this clean nor this quickly!

Update: June 2007

We recently moved one of the Beta units to our showroom so that we could begin training our staff as well as put the system to a true "idiot" test! Hey, it's one thing for an experienced engineer to play on a system; but something else for a novice to pound away on. We also wanted to get feedback from our clients who are already experienced AVID editors.

The VES/Delta systems screams! It is way more powerful than the rest of us had imagined. It will easily outperform earlier systems that sold for over a hundred grand.

For instance, I tried playing with the fancy 2D and 3D transition effects that come packed with Liquid Pro. At first, I thought the machine was defective because the Render indicator never activated.... a bug? No. The system is so fast that it rendered all the transitions instantly, even the ones that are supposed to require a short wait.

Click on the left for more information and take a sneak peek at our new system!

 Nvidia and AVID have been extremely enthusiastic and cooperative about this whole concept, and we really appreciate all of the assistance they have provided.

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