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How to shoot a Wedding or Event
How to shoot a Wedding or Event Casablanca Support Liquid Training Course Training DVD for AVID Liquid Studio 12 Tutorial


How to Shoot a Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Party, Graduation, or other Event

Folks constantly come to us either looking for equipment and/or advice. It's the same old story: someone has asked them to make a video of their wedding or other major happening.

Afterall, you probably have a camera and enjoy a good reputation as a videographer. So how could you refuse?

Shooting weddings and other major functions is not as easy as it looks. Unlike traditional filmmaking, there is no "take 2"! These events flow at their own pace, whether you are set up for the shot or not! It is tough work.

There is no room for error, whether it be human mistake or mechanical breakdown. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime cherished event; and you better get it right.

But we are not here to discourage you. Instead, we are offering Professional Training to help prepare you for this new adventure in Wedding and Event video production.

One of our staffers, Glenn Hanson, is one of the foremost Wedding & Event (including Bar/Bat Mitzvah) videographers in Los Angeles. His company, Time After Time Productions, has garnered praise and admiration for their creative approach from clients as well as peers.

Glenn has finally offered to start sharing his secrets for success, based on decades of experience.

Call us here at to arrange for training. We offer group classes as well as individualized instruction. Training is normally held in the Los Angeles and nearby (Southern Calif) vicinity, but arrangements can be made to cover travel expenses to your location.

Call us at 818-838-4457.

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