specializes in complete and ready-to-use VES/Delta series professional video editing systems running Avid Media Composer or Avid Liquid (Pinnacle) software, along with friendly User Training and Support. Because you are an artist, not an engineer!  are the U.S. Distributors and Customer Support for VES/Delta series workstations & laptops.

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Training DVD for AVID Liquid
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Training DVD sets for AVID Liquid

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Mind Meld

Liquid Powerhouse

Avid Liquid 7 Mind Meld Training DVD set, only $99.95

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 Mind Meld is a three disk DVD-ROM set, including the Mind Meld disk, and the "What's New in Avid Liquid 7" disk.

Two training videos in one. How to use Liquid Edition 6.1 & Avid Liquid 7, and, How to edit video like a Pro, taught by 25 year broadcast editor/producer, Paul Mitton, Pinnacle Certified freelance demo artist and trainer. Paul can often be found editing at an International Entertainment Network on Liquid Blue, Liquids big brother.

27+ hours of training on three DVD-ROM disks that play on your computer. Over $900 in value when compared to on site one-on-one training. The clarity of the videos is amazing. It is like watching Liquid run on your computer while your instructor guides you through each lesson. You can pause at any point, switch to Liquid, and try what you just learned (using the included training footage), and then go right back to the lesson.

All aspects of Liquid 6.1 & 7 are covered to get you up to speed and using Liquid like a Pro!

Topics covered include;

  • User Interface customization, Keyboard Shortcuts, User Profiles
  • Creating Templates; Project & Sequence,
  • System Setup & How to maximize your computer for the fastest performance
  • Demystifying Media Management, examining the differences of projects, media files & sequences
  • Back up & Restore functions
  • The Logging Tool; Logging Clips on the Fly, Batch Capture, Creating a Batch List
  • Editing 101 - The Basics, Desktop Storyboarding, Editing on the Timeline
  • Editing 201 - Importing Animations, FX Editors, Creating Titles
  • Pro Editing – The creation of a broadcast news segment, showing many of the power features of LE6
  • Basic Audio Editing, Voice Over, the power of the Audio Editor revealed
  • SFX plus
  • Grandma’s Tips: A nifty section showing all kinds of quick tips
  • Cross Dissolve Issues
  • How to edit a Multi-camera Wedding, and other multi-camera events
  • Color Correction (Overview): ChromaKey, White Balance, Selective Color Correction & Dynamic Motion Control
  • Record to Tape, and other output options
  • HDV work flow solutions
  • DVD Basics & Creating a multi menu interactive DVD
  • Troubleshooting


Comments: This is the best training aid for Liquid that we have come across! We use this in-house at (Equipment Emporium Inc) for training our own staff and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone seeking to learn AVID Liquid.


A Newly Released (Oct 2007) 3 Disk tutorial set for Advanced Techniques within Avid Liquid.

Over 6 hours of Advanced Training, and a disk full of photos, templates, pre-built FX, 2000 fonts, and more!

Stephen Noe, joined by Paul Mitton (Liquid Mind Meld) guide you through advanced techniques with Liquid.




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