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AVID Liquid
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Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid.
Editing. Audio. DVD. Effects. One Application.

Avid Liquid software is a powerful SD and HD video editor for the PC that offers integrated DVD authoring, surround sound audio processing, and thousands of amazing real-time effects. Its integrated toolset provides all of the tools needed to create high-quality productions and quickly output to tape, DVD or web streams.

Editing. Audio. DVD. Effects. One application

Avid Liquid combines powerful video editing integrated with DVD authoring from the timeline; surround-sound audio processing; and powerful visual effects. Editors only have to learn a single interface to create high-quality video productions with sophisticated effects and audio—and quickly output to tape, disc, or streaming media.

Complete HDV workflow

Avid Liquid offers native transfers and frame-accurate editing of 720p and 1080i HDV content. It also includes an MPEG IBP render codec that provides the same 25Mbit workflow editors use with DV media. It features a powerful real-time effects engine that provides multiple streams of HDV in real time; video monitoring either on the VGA monitor or downconverted to an SD monitor in real time using the available breakout box; and, most important, a smooth workflow for output to SD or back to HDV tape.

Format flexibility

Avid Liquid supports the Avid Open Timeline: mix content from a variety of sources without having to transcode between formats. Videographers can edit DV, MPEG I-frame, MPEG IBP, uncompressed SD, Windows Media, DIVX and MPEG-4, as well as HDV, in the same timeline. With such a broad palette of native codecs, editors can spend more time creatively editing instead of re-rendering from format to format.

Smooth DVD production

Using Avid Liquid Pro software and hardware, editors can capture footage to a DVD-compliant MPEG IBP codec. They can add titles and effects and then dive into a full-featured DVD authoring toolset to define the interactivity; create and customize menus and navigation; preview and modify the DVD from the timeline; add a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix; and then intelligently render out to a finished DVD.

Editing for everyone

Avid Liquid software offers a flexible user interface and functions that match any level of editing experience. As users move from other consumer-level or professional-level applications, the transition is smooth and efficient.

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