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Liquid & SmartSound
SmartSound samples

SmartSound Music Scoring Program for Liquid & Media Composer

SmartSound Software, Inc. is the maker of the SmartSound family of audio software products. These audio software products were designed from the ground up to allow visual content creators to create soul-stirring soundtracks customized specifically for their video and visual projects. It is the first audio software on the market designed to fill the needs of visually oriented people; not musicians or sound engineers; so that they can create the soundtracks they need for their projects quickly, effectively and with completely professional results.

SmartSound is included with Liquid, and can be used to create (royalty free, copyright cleared & licensed) music soundtracks on the timeline without exiting the program. Musical clips are created exactly to length (based on your Mark-in/Mark-out points.

Educators and Independent Filmmakers take note: If your video ever goes public (internet, film festivals, paying clients, etc) -- ALL of your musical soundtrack MUST be licensed & cleared. Copyright, Synchronization rights, and Performance rights. Lawyers and Record Companies charge big bucks, even for small projects!

SmartSound music is cleared & licensed for your use, so you need not stay up late at night worrying.

SmartSound will offer you a palate of previews of each musical selection, cut to your duration. So even though you may be working with the same "song", each time you deploy the music it won't sound like the same needle drop. Different lengths are created by using combinations of short and longer "modules" (think of train cars), capped with a clean intro and correct out-tro. Variations of the same duration (but composed of a different combination of musical modules) are offered to you, as well.

This gives you a consistency of musical theme, but avoids the note-by-note repetition of typical music libraries.

Should you later want to lengthen or shorten the selection, just use the trim handles and the music will automatically re-compose to the new length!

It's a great program, and it is included with Liquid, but that is just the application itself. You still need to purchase some CD's from their vast music library in order to score your productions. is a reseller for SmartSound and offers these exclusive deals for our clients.

Order our 5-pack starter library for Liquid for only $399. That includes your choice of 5 professional CD's (44.1 or 48K). That's a savings of $100. AND, you will receive the unlocking codes for a  download edition of SonicFire Pro at no extra charge.

Order the deluxe 15-pack library for only $999. That includes your choice of 15 professional CD's (44.1 or 48K). That's a savings of $500. AND, you will receive the unlocking codes for a  download edition of SonicFire Pro at no extra charge.

We also offer Educational Discounts and Network Pricing for multi-user video editing labs. The way it works is that you pay a one-time fee for the additional licenses (per workstation), but then all of the library CD's are purchased at the normal (single user) prices, and may be shared by the network.

SonicFire Pro does not work within the context of Liquid, but does allow the editor to fine hone the audio sample, with control of musical instrumentation (example, fully orchestrated or just the string section). As long as you have previewed and duration-timed the basic music clip using the default version of SmartSound that comes in Liquid, then it is not difficult to "improve" the music using SonicFire.

SonicFire does allow running a QT clip in sync with the music, but to be honest, it is a little bit of a pain and most editors only do it if their budget allows for the additional time & effort.


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