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VES/Delta vs HP8400
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We found it interesting that VideoMaker Magazine did a "Test Bench" review of the HP xw8400 Workstation in their November 2006 issue.

Their conclusion was that the unit was super fast, but pricey at "$5576 as configured". By the way, they never tested it with AVID software. Only with the Adobe Production Studio program.

So how would the 8400 compare to the VES/Delta? Both systems have fast processors.  But it is not just about the processor...

The 8400 featured an Nvidia 1500 GPU. The VES/Delta Nvidia card is way above that, along with a more advanced and more powerful chipset. And, the VES/Delta  would support adding a second card.

The 8400 came standard with one drive. The unit reviewed had two 160GB drives.... 320GB total.  The VES/Delta comes with four 500 GB drives for a minimum of two terabytes (or more)! That's not counting the optional internal RAID-5 which can add another 2 or 3 TB.

And if your main drive crashes in the 8400, you're done for awhile. It will take some major effort to re-install your software, and hopefully you did not lose your project data (if you backed it up to drive 2).

If the main drive goes bad on the Delta, it only takes a few minutes to restore it. Your Project data is also backed up to another drive.  No problem there. If you lose the media drives, then you either have to re-capture (or backup from the high performance backups you plugged into the special drive connectors on the back).

The 8400 comes with a box and packing material. The Delta includes two 22-inch widescreen monitors and professional audio speakers.

The 8400 has one ethernet connection. The Delta has two systems: one for linking edit systems and the other for the internet.

That comparison is just scratching the surface of all the differences!

So, if the VES/Delta 1000 appeared slightly more expensive than the 8400, that is because it is more expensive! But when you compare what you get with each system, the tally is not even close.

With the VES/Delta, not only do you get what you pay for in terms of top end components -- you get WHAT YOU NEED for serious video editing!

Oh, yeah, one last point. If you need help with your 8400, call HP. If you can get Tech Support on the line, they will tell you about their machine. But don't expect them to be at all familiar with AVID (maybe they heard of the program).

The folks who support the VES/Delta know their computer and they know AVID. Their computer was built especially for it!

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