specializes in complete and ready-to-use VES/Delta series professional video editing systems running Avid Media Composer or Avid Liquid (Pinnacle) software, along with friendly User Training and Support. Because you are an artist, not an engineer!  are the U.S. Distributors and Customer Support for VES/Delta series workstations & laptops.

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Specs & Accessories for Delta 1000
CPU of Delta 1000 Why we built the VES/Delta 1000 for AVID & Liquid VES/Delta PDF brochure Specs & Accessories for Delta 1000 VES/Delta vs HP8400 Avid for Rental Houses


Specs & Accessories for the
VES/Delta 1000 series 2
Video Editing Workstation




VES/Delta 1000 series 2 workstation complete basic package

VES/Delta 1000 series 2 workstation includes:

+ Asus Striker II Advanced SLI Motherboard, with hardware diagnostic module & display

+ Intel Core2 QUAD 2.66 GHz Processor, 45mm Core, with 4 processors on the die

+ PNY Nvidia Quadro FX 3500/FFI++ Graphics Card with new nVidia custom chipset


+ 4 HDD-Quick Removal Drive Modules SATAII
populated with four 500 GB Seagate hard drives:
Drive 1 = 500 GB (Project)
Drive 2 = 500 GB (System)
Drives 3 & 4 = 500 GB (Media) each, new Seagate Video drives for intensive video streaming, striped for 1 TB of combined media storage

+ 3.5" Floppy Drive & Multi Card Reader (23 in 1). fully functioning P2 reader. XDCAM ready (with optional adapter).

+ Plextor Dual Layer DVD+-R/RW, CD-R/RW, SATA controlled for speed.

+ Norton SystemWorks 2008

+ Diskeeper 2008 Professional Premier Edition

+ Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2c)

+ Microsoft Intellimouse

+ Avid or Liquid Colored Keycap Keyboard

+ FFI Deluxe Tower Case. Rugged aerospace aluminum alloy reduces weight. Oversized for spacious access to all components and better airflow.

+ 850W SLI Power Supply

+Quad connectivity: USB 2.0, eSATA II, Firewire 400, Firewire 800.

+ "The Perfect Drive" Restore Disk DVD (RED DISK custom re-installation built specifically for your workstation)

+ 2 Samsung 22" TFT-LCD Display - 16:10 Aspect Ratio

+ 1 Pair Near Field Audio Monitor Speakers with Headphone Out

Model # VES/Delta 1000_S2+ RED Disk Restore DVD
(covers VES-qualified software only. Additional charges may apply for testing/installation of non-qualified software applications.)

Bronze Warranty: One year parts  & labor on factory provided hardware. Up to 3 yrs limited warranty on hard drives. One year on orig system software integrity (i.e. RED DISK installation). System ships with all software installed & configured. Unauthorized modification of system or use with unqualified hardware or software may void or limit this  warranty. Ask us before you make changes to your system!

Call us for pricing details. It's way less than you think!


 Lease it for only a few hundred per month.

Ask yourself if your business will generate more than $300 per month in earnings by having an advanced Avid editing system. If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for?
















*Please note that the cost of Avid software and other non-system applications is not included.

Shipping cost (to your destination outside of the Los Angeles area) is not included in the basic price.

Accessories for your VES/Delta series workstation...

750GB external hard drive enclosure

VES/Delta series 750 GB External Hard Drive Kit, features "quick change" Seagate hard drive with eSATA and USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)  connectivity

- 3.5" External Portable Hard Drive Enclosure

- 750 GB SATA II hard drive

- eSATA and USB cables

- Universal AC Adapter 100/240V



Also available as 500 GB drive

3TB RAID-5 Kit for Delta 1000 VES/Delta 1000 Workstation 3TB RAID Kit (2.25 TB Useable) includes:
+ 5 SATA II 750 GB Drives. Four active 750 GB drives, plus 1 Spare stowed in Workstation.
+ Cable Kit & Hardware.

Easy to install (really!) Or we can install it if you are ordering this at the same time as your workstation.

Supplied in Transit Case



Also available as 2TB (1.5 TB usable)

Edirol UA-25 Audio Interface

USB/Midi interface, primarily used for voice-over or Foley to Picture with the Avid Liquid application.


This interface is fully supported by the Liquid software.

FaderMaster audio controller

FaderMaster professional MIDI automation controller, fully supported for use with Avid Liquid software.

Allows precise and automated mixdown of multiple soundtracks within the Liquid application.



Requires the use of Edirol UA-25 interface.

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