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Add CAT-5 remote
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Add a CAT-5 expansion kit

The VES/Delta workstations come pre-configured to readily accept our CAT-5 Remote Interface Kit.

What this does is to allow you to remotely connect your monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc. to your computer body via lightweight and relatively inexpensive CAT-5 ethernet cables.

For instance, your computer chassis can be stored in a different room or utility area where it can be kept clean and cool. Meanwhile, you are isolated from its operating noises, such as fans and drives.

Or, imagine a presentation to clients taking place in the conference room. Clips from your workstation, controlled by you, are projected in a darkened, pindrop quiet, screening environment.

The most valuable advantage of our CAT-5 Remote kit is that it facilitates the recording of live audio, such as ADR (looping) and Foley (live sound effects).

Most editing suites are small and ill suited for this type of work. But a larger room down the hall might be perfect, or at least adaptable. Remoting the control interfaces of your workstation to that room only involves running some standard CAT-5 ethernet cable, and then plugging in your computer control equipment (monitors, keyboard, etc.) and your soundboard with mics. You are now free to record clean replacement audio and sound effects while monitoring playback of picture/audio (selected tracks). Instant sound studio!

By the way, if you are not ready to purchase a CAT-5 System of your own, we offer them for rent to use with your VES/Delta workstation. Just bring in a system for as long as you need it, be it a few days or a few months.

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