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Add a RAID 5 Array
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Add a RAID 5 Array for the ultimate media protection

The RAID 5 system is a worthwhile add-on if you work on tight deadlines and cannot afford the time nor inconvenience of lost media files.

It is not like losing a media drive is a normal event; it may never happen to you, or may only happen every once in a long, long while. But it probably WILL happen to most people eventually.

Normally, in the event of a media storage drive going bad, the solution is to re-capture (or batch capture) the source materials. As long as your source materials are timecoded, your AVID software should have no problem replacing the raw footage in your project. It takes some time and effort, but it is very do-able and you can recover from the disaster.

What if your work is such that you cannot risk losing your media? By investing in our optional RAID 5 system, you have now insured yourself against a drive failure as well as added more overall storage capability to your editing system.

The VES/Delta computer workstation is designed to readily accept a RAID 5 mutiple hard drive array. Installation is relatively simple, since the tower is pre-configured for the addition. All that is required is to slide into the rack array the four (actually five, since one is a spare) drives that come already installed in their mounting carriers. Insert four connectors to a socket on the motherboard (like plugging in USB cables), and then attach one connector to each raid drive. Everything is clearly tagged, and there are detailed instructions with the kit.... but this installation is really simple!

The advantage of the RAID 5 system is that not only do you increase the total storage capacity by a third (two 500 gig drives of media are now three 500 gig drives of media) -- but that media is protected against one of your drives going sour.

There are actually a total of four 500 gig drives in the media storage system, but one of the drives provides parity (redundant) storage -- so in essence, you only have three drives worth of storage.

Which three? Any three! That is the beauty of the system. You can lose any one of the four drives, and the remaining three still contain 100% of the capured media files. Replace the bad drive with a spare (one is provided in our systems for your convenience) and within a short time everything is back to the way it was before the disaster.

How expensive is it to add a RAID 5? Believe it or not, it only adds around $10 to $20 per month to your 36 month lease payment.

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