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Logging & Finishing Stations
Single vs Multi Drives Add a Laptop Add a RAID 5 Array Add CAT-5 remote Logging & Finishing Stations Storage Area Network


Adding Logging and Finishing Workstations to your Workflow

Capturing and logging the raw footage can be a chore, as any editor will testify. But it is also time well spent, in that it reduces media storage clutter and provides a creative roadmap for the editing team.

Properly identifying, labeling (especially "reel labels"), assessing & describing the raw materials are an essential stage of editing. But perhaps one that could better performed by someone else on the team, such as an assistant editor, or perhaps even someone from the client's office who is better versed at recognizing content.

Earlier, we spoke about adding a Laptop or a Utility workstation to your system in order to serve as a Port of Entry for imported files. But in the Workflow environment, these less sophisticated computers can function fine as the Logging Station in a simple network.

If your work involves broadcast quality High Definition along with complex graphics or visual effects, it could be expedient to add a Finishing Station to your workflow.

Whereas the Creative/Picture Editor sits at the VES/Delta 1000 series workstation, which is more than powerful enough for the main editing phase -- the Graphics Specialist would sit at the highly advanced series 2000 workstation.

The Finishing Station has additional muscle for (quickly) rendering the highest resolution images laden with complex effects layering and graphics, as might be required for broadcast or theatrical release applications.

You probably wouldn't need this kind of power for cutting your average Bar Mitzvah party....

...but you might if you cover it for Entertainment Tonight* or Access Hollywood*!

*yeah, yeah, trademarked copyrights of their respective producers, owners, studios, and all that legal stuff for mentioning their names.

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